Pierre Hotel To Install Panic Buttons In Rooms

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New York's famed Pierre Hotel has suspended a supervisor and agreed to install panic buttons in all rooms following two high-profile incidents involving sexual attacks at Manhattan hotels, the Wall Street Journal reports.

In late May, Assemblyman Rory Lancman, a Democrat from Queens, suggested legislation to install such buttons in rooms following a scandal involving former IMF head honcho Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the Sofitel.

It seems New York hotels are taking note of this seemingly silly request.

Peter Ward, the President of the New York Hotel & Motels Trades Council, told the WSJ: "Let everybody in the world traveling to New York know that when they stay in a hotel room, the person cleaning that room is armed with a button that they can immediately press if you're stupid enough to get inappropriate."

A Pierre spokeswoman, Nora Walsh, confirmed that the hotel would give room attendants a panic button, not unlike those given to the elderly following an incident involving Egyptian banker Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar at the Pierre on Sunday. The alleged victim reportedly told supervisors about the assault on Sunday, only to be told to wait until Monday to inform security. As a result, a supervisor has been suspended.

Ward told the paper: "When an employee goes to their supervisors and says 'I've been accosted, I've been assaulted' we don't want some manager who's been so badly trained that all they do is put it in a log book. We want a manager who understands there's a whole variety of things that needs to happen."

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