Heroic Teacher Sings Children Through Shooting [Video]

We get a lot of stories about teachers who do ridiculous and inappropriate things with their students, but every so often we hear of a heroic teacher whose judgment, love and wisdom changes students' lives in unfathomable ways.

Such is the case with an unidentified kindergarten teacher in Monterey, Mexico, who comforted and sang with her students while automatic weapon fire exploded just outside the classroom and several people were slaughtered.

The teacher had the presence of mind to record it all on her cell phone, and viewers can see the children happily lying on the floor and singing, while gunfire can be heard exploding outside. To keep the children calm, peaceful and safe, she told them to lie down on the floor, almost as if it were a game. She used terms of endearment, loosely translated to mean "my love" and "dear heart."

"Nothing bad is going to happen, just stay down on the floor," she told them, hoping that that would save them from stray bullets.

"Shall we sing a song?" she asked them, after a particularly loud outburst of automatic gun fire. "Si!" they responded happily. "Let's sing the one.... I know! 'If the Raindrops Were Chocolate...'" she began singing, and the children joined in. "I'd love to be there," they sang. "Who wants chocolate?" she asked them. "Me!" they answered happily, in unison.

She continued the song, and instructed them to roll over on their backs and open their mouths wide, so they could catch the chocolate raindrops. The children can be seen smiling, happily imagining what it would be like to catch the chocolate rain drops falling from the sky, oblivious to the terror, violence and bullets raining down outside.

The school has been identified as one in Colonia Nueva Estanzuela, just a few meters away from an independent taxi base where seven vans pulled up, armed gunman jumped out and began firing, murdering five people. The teacher, whose identity is still unknown, is being heralded the world over as a hero and has been recognized by media and viewers for showing courage, poise, love and resourcefulness to keep her students calm, distracted and secure during the tragic violence, according to a report on Global Voices.

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