FrontierVille Love is in the Air Goals: Everything you need to know

Hank and Fanny Goals
Despite your valiant attempts at a union of two ladies in FrontierVille, the powers that be (i.e. Zynga) have made it so (mega spoiler here) Hank will marry Miss Fanny Wildcat in a long and arduous series of Goals titled "Love is in the Air." It's up to you to make sure our love-struck Hank plans the perfect proposal to Fanny, but it won't be easy. But hey, neither is love.

Make Fanny's Schoolhouse Rock
1. Make Fanny's Schoolhouse Rock

  • Summon Wedding Wagon
  • Harvest 15 Apple Trees
  • Collect one Schoolhouse Daily Bonus

The Wedding Wagon is a brand new feature to FrontierVille specific to these Goals that allows you to craft items needed for these Goals. When you receive these Goals, just accept the Hitchin' Rail item from the Goals intro, whack it three times and watch the apparently cutesy video. Then, just click on the Hitchin' Rail again to summon the Weddin' Wagon and get started. Apple Trees cost 880 coins and can be harvested after 30 minutes. Complete these tasks and enjoy 500 XP, five Chalk and a Vase, which will come in handy soon.

Hank's Special Sauce
2. Hank's Special Sauce

  • Harvest 60 Tomatoes
  • Have or Collect 8 Mushrooms
  • Craft one Floral Arrangement

The 60 Tomatoes will cost a total of 1,500 coins and take at least 15 minutes, if you have the room for all 60. The eight Mushrooms can be found in the Clearing Collection by, well, clearing debris. The Floral Arrangement needs to be crafted in the Weddin' Wagon, which also requires Posies, an item that we imagine is sourced from friends. 500 XP, 500 coins and five Red Roses Ready Boosts await for those who complete this Goal.

Hank and Fanny's Magic Carpet Ride
3. Hank and Fanny's Magic Carpet Ride

  • Clobber 5 Snakes
  • Have or Collect 5 Pear Cider
  • Have or Collect 10 Saddle Oil

To acquire five Pear Cider, you have to find them at random while collecting from Pear Trees, as they're Collection items. Then, the 10 Saddle Oil is requested from friends, just like old times. Complete these tasks and you'll score a cool 500 XP, two Wither Protection Boosts and one Ring Band.

Steppin' Up to the Plate
4. Steppin' Up to the Plate

  • Collect 50 additional Reputation
  • Craft one Engagement Ring
  • Collect two Weddin' Wagon Daily Bonuses

At any rate, this Goal is going to take two days at least due to the Daily Bonus requirement. Nabbing 50 additional Reputation is as easy as visiting a few friends and ... doing stuff. The Engagement Ring is a crafting item for the Weddin' Wagon, and requires Polished Gems of some sort. This Goal yields 750 XP, 750 coins and a Fast Hands Boost for completion.

Cleanin' Up Before the Big Event
5. Cleanin' Up Before the Big Event

  • Have or Collect 10 Smoochin' Mints
  • Sell 20 Adult Pigs
  • Harvest 10 Peppermint

The Smoochin' Mints are requested for by friends, so take care of that while you spend 7,000 coins on Pigs and plenty of hours raising and selling them. The 10 Peppermint will cost you 2,000 coins, if you don't own them already. Complete this Goal and 750 XP, five Pig Ready Boosts and Armadillo Shoes are all yours. The latter you'll need, trust us.

Almost on One Knee
6. Almost on One Knee

  • Craft a Suit Suitable for a Suitor
  • Have or Collect 10 Boxes of Sweets
  • Harvest 100 Red Roses

Again, the Suit is crafted in the Weddin' Wagon, which also requires Twill, an item made from Shears and Cloth in a preceding recipe in the Wagon. The Boxes of Sweets can be found by asking friends, while 100 Red Roses will cost 10,000 coins and, if you still have those Red Rose Ready Boost from before, a bit shorter than one day and 12 hours. Finish this Goal, and you'll score 750 XP, 750 coins and 10 Cloth.

Poppin' the Question
7. Poppin' the Question

  • Propose to Fanny
  • Talk to Hank to Congratulate Him

This is what you've been waiting for. Just click on the Weddin' Wagon, select "Propose" and watch the magic happen. Then, click on Hank to congratulate him on his new found love. For that, you'll score a sweet 1,000 XP, 1,000 coins and a Red Rose Arbor. Once this is all complete, prepare for FrontierVille's next (unnamed) expansion and, well, a wedding!

[Source and Image Credits: FrontierVille Legend]

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