Empires & Allies is live! Zynga fires its first salvo on Facebook

Empires and Allies
You all took half days from work, right? Good, because Zynga has just launched Empires & Allies, its first strategy combat game on Facebook and the first to release in 12 languages. Developed by Zynga Los Angeles and headed by executive producer Amer Ajami of Command and Conquer fame, the game has its cross hairs on bringing strategic combat to the CityVille crowd by introducing them to Risk-like combat. And that's exactly what appears to be the basis for Empires & Allies: city building, farming and resource management with a heavy dose of gun power. Sound appealing to you? Then check our full preview right here and click on the link below to join the battle.

Click here to play Empires & Allies on Facebook Now >

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