Building the CityVille Mall: Everything you need to know

CityVille Malls are here
Here we are, once again, with another CityVille update from Zynga. This time, however, I'm happy to say that these new CityVille Malls are absolutely awesome. (At least they look that way.) However, building them is quite a task. Luckily for you, we have all the details on how to put these monuments of digital capitalistic culture together. Your virtual wallets will thank us later.

CityVille Mall complete
The Malls in CityVille are, essentially, buildings to store your other businesses. These upgradeable buildings do not benefit from decorations, as each upgraded floor provides similar bonuses. The benefits? Well, Zynga has listed them rather nicely:

Mall Benefits
  • Collect and supply in one click!
  • Higher payouts
  • Space saving
  • Unlock exclusive businesses
  • Upgradeable appearance

Mall level oneSo, there you have it. What are the cons, you ask? Well, I guess having more room for other things would give us less reason to complain, so that's kind of a bummer for some folks. Jokes aside, the Mall is bound to run out of room considering it only has three levels at this point totaling room for 12 businesses, so making those choices could be a drag. But we're reaching here, folks. On to building!

After placing your Mall, as its bound to be introduced through a new Goal, it's time to give it a few whacks. After the foundation is completed, you will be given two slots for your businesses. To add more, you must hire more staff members (AKA your friends) to increase your Mall's levels. Adding businesses to your Mall is as easy as a few clicks and a confirmation window. After filling your Mall with businesses, After filling a floor, collecting from the Mall will have a chance at providing an exclusive Mystery Business.

But remember, the cost of Energy and Goods to collect from and supply your businesses depends on the amount of businesses are contained in your Mall. The name of this game is streamlining, not simplicity. Removing businesses is as simple as pressing the red "X" next to it and placing on your playing field again. Luckily, unlocked floors remain intact when removing businesses. But enough with the guide, here's what's in it for you when you decide to create and upgrade your Mall:

Inside your CityVille Mall
Level 1 Mall

  • Businesses earn 5% more!
  • 4 business slots
  • Chance for a mystery business when floor is completely filled

Level 2 Mall

  • Businesses earn 10% more!
  • 4 more business slots
  • Chance for a mystery business when floor is completely filled
  • Upgraded design

Level 3 Mall

  • Businesses earn 15% more!
  • 4 more business slots
  • Chance for a mystery business when floor is completely filled
  • Upgraded design

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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After looking at how to build the Mall and its benefits, what do you think of the feature? What else do you think it needs or does not need? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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