Attitude More Important Than Ability -- Just Ask Charlie Sheen

Attitude With the right attitude, you can get the job, even if you're not the most qualified candidate, according to recently released research, which found that a whopping 96 percent of the employers polled said they would would hire a candidate with the right mindset over a candidate with the right skill set.

An article in Britain's The Telegraph reports that an overwhelming percentage of employers would hire someone who did not know how to do everything required but displayed the right attitude over an applicant who had all the required skills down but who lacked the right mindset.

"I can teach the right skill sets. We'll have to educate everyone on how to do things our way anyway, no matter how much they already know or how extensive their experience," says Samuel Smith, a small business owner in Los Angeles. "But I can't teach attitude. That's something you either have or you don't."

What's more, when it comes to layoffs, two thirds of employers said if they had to reduce their workforce they would keep the person with the perfect attitude, and fire the person with the perfect skills who had a rotten attitude, according to James Reed, chairman of recruitment giant Reed and co-author of "Put Your Mindset to Work."

"It is even more vital for a small business to choose someone with the right mindset when recruiting new talent than for a giant corporation. A single individual will have so much more impact on their prospects," Reed continued. "Employers told us that someone with a winning mindset was, on average, seven times more valuable than a normal employee."

Of course, he made that statement before actor Charlie Sheen shanghaied the word "winning," then lost his lucrative role on "Two-and-a-Half Men." If you ask his former employers, they will probably affirm that Sheen's skill set, experience and resume didn't matter -- it was his attitude that got him canned, and doubtless Ashton Kutcher's positive spirit that landed him the coveted replacement spot.

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