Zynga releases CityVille survey, spills the beans on future updates?

CityVille updates incoming?
Oh, Zynga, at this point we're starting to think these unintentional content leaks are, well, totally intentional. The company has released another survey, and this time it is for CityVille, but more specifically looks to measure how responsive players would be to a few new features. Alright, with options like these, the results are going to be terribly one-sided.
  • The ability to hire a property manager who can harvest all ready residences with one click
  • The ability to rent a goods delivery truck that can deliver goods to all businesses with one click
  • The ability to use a tractor to harvest all crops with one click
  • The ability to use a crane to harvest all boats with one click
  • The ability to hire a worker to collect all the bonuses that pop up when you harvest (so you don't have to click them)

These are all the options that are presented in the survey, and if things go well, you'll likely see at least a few of these make it into the game. As you can see, just about all of them involve streamlining interaction with the game, much like the Combine vehicles in FarmVille. However, with our luck Zynga will release these features for either City Cash or through some arduous series of Goals. We'll take the arduous Goals, thank you.

[Via CityVille Forums]

How many of these features do you think will make it into the actual game? If you could choose just one, what would it be? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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