Stop Scout from flushing her toys in Mr. Rooter advergame on Facebook


Ok, this has to be one of the most "out-there" advergames I've seen released on Facebook to date. The people at Mr. Rooter plumbing have taken a humorous look at clogged drain with "Scout's Game," available to play by liking the company's Facebook page.

Scout's Game asks you to stop a young girl named Scout from flushing her toys down the toilet, thus clogging the drain. This arcade-style game isn't really the traditional Facebook game, being played in short sessions of a minute or less, requiring you to work on your own, rather than anything social. Still, there's a humor here that can't be matched. Scout will throw items towards the toilet, and you'll need to simply click on them with your mouse before they land in the bowl. Once the toilet overflows or you run out of time, you'll need to "call Mr. Rooter," ending the game.

You'll have power-ups to watch out for as you play, including plungers that lower the toilet's current clog level, along with those that make the toys bigger or slow them down, thus making them easier to hit. There are even leaderboards to submit your scores to. Will this game attract a mass audience, or even come close to competing with the big boys? Probably not, but if you're in for a humorous few minutes of fun on Facebook, you could do much worse.

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