Sony to 'fully restore' PlayStation Network this week ... in the West

PSN goes online
Alright, so that image doesn't exactly apply anymore, but it's still funny. As Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea await proof of improved security, Sony has gone ahead and announced that it will 'fully restore' PlayStation Network services by the end of this week. The news comes short after the company announced its "Welcome Back" for Western customers, which included a short amount of free time with the PlayStation Plus service as well as one free game (from a selection of four) for PS3 and PSP consoles and more. (But something is missing.)

"We have been conducting additional testing and further security verification of our commerce functions in order to bring the PlayStation Network completely back online so that our fans can again enjoy the first class entertainment experience they have come to love," said Kazuo Hirai, executive deputy president of Sony, in a statement. "We appreciate the patience and support shown during this time."

The full restoration, according to Sony, will include bringing back the following services:

  • Full functionality on PlayStation Store
  • In-game commerce
  • Ability to redeem vouchers and codes
  • Full functionality on Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity for PS3, PSP, VAIO and other PCs
  • Full functionality on Media Go

However, still no compensation has been announced for Sony Online Entertainment, which saw its games and services restored recently, Facebook games like Wildlife Refuge or Dungeon Overlord. Call it "petty," we call it principle. C'mon, guys, would a few Facebook Credits or in-game items kill ya? You got, oh, I dunno, 50 thousand or so disgruntled folks over here. Oh, you say that you have, like, over 100 million angry PSN and SOE customers? Well, get back to us when you're not busy, then.

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