Martin Jetpack Test Flight Video: Jetpack Travel Becoming Closer to Reality?

Martin Jetpack makes the first true flight test by soaring 5000 feet into the air then parachuting back to Earth reported

According to Martin Aircraft Company's
Glenn Martin, "no other jetpack has flown higher than 150 feet" and "no one has ever fired a parachute from a jetpack."

The jetpack was fitted with a test dummy for the flight and luckily so as it had a bit of a rough landing. Even with the heavy landing, Martin says a pilot would have walked away from it.

Martin has spent at least $12 million dollars over 30 years of research and development on the jetpack that he hopes will change the way we all travel. When available for commercial sale, the Martin Jetpack is expected to sell for around $100,000.

The next step in the flight test process will be to strap a human into the jetpack for a flight. Any volunteers?

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