How to Stay Organized When You're Always on the Go

I am constantly on the go. I have no office and travel most of the year for sales and partnership meetings. What types of devices, gear and services would you recommend I use to remain efficient and effective?

-- Veronica Michaels, ME

Manage your points & miles...

With so much time on the road, you're no doubt racking up a lot of miles among all the different hotel and airline loyalty and both provide this functionality. I'm also a huge fan of which offers massively discounted hotel rooms, elite & gold status at multiple hotel chains & airlines, and discounted business services for entrepreneurs.

-- Matt Mickiewicz, 99designs

Start with Google Docs

Any virtual office has to lay its foundations on Google Docs. You can house key presentations, spreadsheets, and documents here that are accessible from any computer with Internet. You can also share the docs with people on your team for easy collaboration. Google Voice is great for having voicemails forward to email. We also love for storing large files:

-- Tammy Tibbetts, She's the First

Direct Online Banking: Cha-Ching!

For those of us who don't know where we might be next week, it doesn't make sense to use a bank that only operates in certain areas of the country. I'm in the process of switching over to Ally Financial because they're a totally branch-less bank. Everything gets done via ATM, phone or online, and them reimburse you for ATM fees on any ATM. Sweet.

-- Ryan Paugh, Brazen Careerist

Hands down Evernote runs my virtual business!

Evernote is one of those apps that changed everything for me and my team. From taking notes at meetings to photos of whiteboards to syncing on all my deivces (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro) all the way down to sharing docs and collaborating online. My whole team has Pro accounts so we can work together, see project docs, send document edits and work with images. Essentially Evernote is our office!

-- Greg Rollett, Radically Ambitious

Staying In The Mix While On The Go

Entrepreneurs find themselves more on the go than in the office (if they even have one)! Smartphones and iPads aren't enough, it's the applications you access through your devices that allow you to remain efficient and effective. I recommend Hootsuite as the best Twitter client to connect you to your followers while easily keeping all of your social networks up to speed with your latest news.

-- Pete Chatmon, Double7 Images

Mailbox Forwarding is An Essential Tool for On-The-Go Entrepreneurs

I am also an urban nomad--I travel from city to city doing business with no central office. I have found mailbox forwarding to me really helpful for this. It basically takes and scans all of your mail so when you are traveling you can see bills, invoices or other important mail. If you fly a lot I also recommend Seat Guru. This tells you the best and worst seats on a plane so you can sleep/work.

-- Vanessa Van Petten, Lakewood Systems, Inc

Keep it Simple

As someone who also travels frequently, I'd recommend keeping your travel work routine as simple as possible. 1) Leverage the Cloud. Everything I need to access for work, I can do online. 2) Invest in an extended battery. Read: Flight delays. 3) Setup Google Voice - It will transcribe and email you your voice mail. This way you know which calls need to be returned immediately, and which can wait.

-- Shama Kabani, Marketing Zen

Get Your Head in the Cloud

The beauty of technology is that it enables small business owners to operate from anywhere. BackPackit, means you can have everyone's systems and calendar online, accessible from anywhere. Basecamp, is a project management tool that can be accessed by anyone in your business. Things is online To-Do list that has an iPhone App. Stay mobile, stay lean, get organized.

-- Jack Delosa, The Entourage

Integration is Key

Just because you're on the go doesn't mean you can't give the perception of perfectly put together! First, make sure you have a phone service like Grasshopper, that can serve as your answering service, and forward voicemails via email. Second, use an app like Evernote, which allows you to record important information both on your phone and on your computer. Finally, back up everything!

-- Tina Wells, Buzz Marketing Group

Get A Virtual Phone System

A virtual phone system allows you to stay connected with your business when on the go. Your customers will never get a busy signal and you can route phone calls to voicemail or to another extension when you are in meetings or on a flight. Virtual phone systems allow you to stay flexible and run an efficient and effective business for a surprisingly low cost. Check out RingCentral or Grasshopper.

-- Brad Kendall, Digihedron

Don't Get Tripped Up, Tripit! is the best travel organizer that I have come across to-date. It's easy to use and will keep you and your team organized for all your travel and meeting details. All you do is email your travel itineraries to and it intuitively schedules it. And of course, there's an app for that...iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps make it great for on the go.

-- Benjamin Leis, Sweat EquiTees

Get Shoeboxed!

When I'm traveling a lot, I find it challenging to keep all my expense receipts organized. That was until I discovered is a must-have tool for any on-the-go entrepreneur. Shoeboxed scans and organizes your receipts so you don't have to worry about them while you're on the road building your business. You'll never again have to waste time looking for a missing receipt.

-- Natalie MacNeil, Imaginarius

Utilize virtual office services

One of the best ways to look professional if you don't yet have an office is to utilize virtual office services such as Stark or Regus. It looks much more professional when you have someone else answering your phone-this also gives the impression that you currently have an office.I would also recommend getting an ipad 2 with skype to have virtual meetings with clients who are International.

-- Kris Ruby, Ruby Media Group

Tools are vital to remain a mobile warrior

I'd highly recommend a solid CRM system, virtual assistant, and a small business PBX system. Those items will give you the ability to operate virtually and efficiently.

-- Jamail Larkins, Ascension Aviation

Virtual Offices are key

Being on the go is common and necessary for entrepreneurs today. However, despite the high level of mobility, it is crucial to project your company as stable and solid. I recommend virtual offices, where you can have a Madison Avenue or Wilshire Boulevard address for $100/month. You can also have receptionists answer your calls and hold board meetings on-site for a small fee.

-- Zach Cutler, The Cutler Group

Couch surfing and 3G sticks for cheap travel

If you're really, really on a budget, then there's an option for staying for free: So long as you don't care what type of accommodations you have, you can find hundreds of free lodging options on If you want a slight step up, then just check out Also, I recently got a 3G mobile stick for my laptop. These things are epic. And it goes wherever you go.

-- Jesse Davis, Entrustet

Always have internet access with MiFi

I highly recommend getting a MiFi device to ensure you always have access to internet wherever you go. MiFi internet services are available via most mobile carriers, and usually you can provide internet connectivity to up to 5 devices.

-- Eric Bahn, Beat The GMAT

Write everything down

Call me old fashioned in this regard, but a pad and paper works very well. Every time you think of something that needs to get done, write it! If you let all of these to-do's pile up in your head, you won't be able to concentrate. And our mind should be used to create and think of new ideas. Not to think about the same things over and over.

-- Adam Gilbert, My Body Tutor

Cloud meets tech

The obvious devices are an iPhone and Macbook Pro with extra battery packs and chargers. The Lowepro backpack is great for tech savvy and photography enthusiasts, a broadband internet card is a must and a good set of headphones (I use Beats by Dre) can keep you focused on email catchup and presentations. Dropbox is a great "cloud" backup and file-sharing service as well.

-- Jason Sadler,

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