FrontierVille Cheats: Earn every Big Barn badge (and the rewards) in minutes

Along with the release of the Big Barn upgrade in FrontierVille came the ability to unlock one of four new badges in the game. These badges reward you with large amounts of XP, coins, and even food items or decorations for completing them, and luckily, you can finish all four badges in a matter of minutes (I'd wager under 10 minutes for the average pioneer, depending on your current stockpile of adult animals).

First and foremost, simply store every adult Ox, Cow, Horse and Mule in your Big Barn by using the Store cursor in the menu (where you'd choose to change your cursor to sell or move). While storing just a single Ox, Cow, Horse and Mule will unlock the first of these four badges, if you haven't stored 50 adult animals by this point, you'll really be able to take advantage of this strategy.
Simply enter into your Big Barn's menu, and click to remove the animal that you have the most of at the time. For example, say you have 25 Oxen in your Big Barn. Remove all 25 (luckily, you can rapidly click on your land to place each without having to reload the menu), and then re-store them into the Big Barn. The game doesn't make the distinction that you're storing the exact same animals all over again, so your badge progress moves on.

Repeat the process until you've unlocked all four badges and voila! You'll walk away with almost 2,000 XP, three Dinners, a 7 Course Feast, an Aluminum Water Trough decoration, 100 Food and over 6,000 coins! Not a bad haul for a few minutes work, wouldn't you agree?

If you've yet to earn these four badges through our method or otherwise, I'd actually take the time to knock them out sooner, rather than later. It's possible that Zynga will remove this exploit by forcing you to have 200 animals inside the Big Barn simultaneously, so you'll want to make sure to earn these badges before that happens.

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Have you used this animal cycling method to earn the four Big Barn badges? Let us know in the comments.
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