Former EA Montreal GM Alain Tascan creates social games company

This week, former EA Montreal general manager Alain Tascan has announced the launch of SAVA Transmedia, a new social games company also based out of Montreal. This new development studio looks to "redefine the future of social games" by allowing players to connect with each other "on every screen," or presumably across platforms.

While no game projects have been officially announced, we know that SAVA will work to create games for Facebook, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Tascan hopes to grow the company to at least 50 designers in the first year, and up to 200 employees over the next five years.

While the video game industry is certainly no longer at a loss for social game developers, Tascan's experience with console titles does give us something to go on (EA Montreal worked on retail titles like Army of Two and Boogie for home consoles). Could this be another developer that looks to create hardcore game experiences for the casual audience? We'll make sure to keep an eye on SAVA Transmedia as things develop, and we'll let you know which direction their games end up going.

Do you think the social game industry needs more "hardcore" games, or are only the most casual of social games those that will really succeed? Sound off in the comments.

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