FarmVille Sheep and Pig Breeding Conga Line: Fantastic or flop?

Sheep Breeding Conga Line
Alright, so Zynga releases a helluva lot of updates to its games every week, namely FarmVille. Some are awesome, large and in charge, but others are either too small or too complex, at least according to the players. The company's most recent update would probably fall somewhere between "large"and "complex" given that it changes the interface and interactivity of a feature considerably. Do you think the Sheep Breeding Conga Line was awesome, or was it a bummer? We'll let you answer that in the comments, but let's go to the first source of knee-jerk reactions and judgment--the forums!--for a communal perspective, shall we?

Ew, it does not look pretty in there. While there were some responses of joy and acceptance regarding the new feature, most players appear furious, disappointed, generally irate--it's not good, folks. The first response in the thread, by contributor RobToro, reads, "Great for those who still bother with breeding after all we have been through. I'm done with it though. Have fun, guys."

Another response, 16 pages later, reads that it's simply too slow. "I totally agree that it is too slow," writes Silke_farming. "I usually look only at the first four sheep it shows because it takes about one minute (!) until it moves just one sheep forward." Some players even estimated that the feature just plain didn't work refusing to breed patterns outlawed by Zynga. FarmVille community manager Grimwell didn't take kindly to that talk, so he provided this clarifying statement:
It's working properly. Let me pull back the curtain a little and hopefully make sense of it. You have sheep that aren't patterns we released. You got them from your feed in legit ways and we aren't about to take them away - but we also aren't going to release them for breeding. To get them you have to put values on a sheep that don't jive with the breeding system - what you see is the code freaking out.

You can't breed those because the server checks when you breed and says "That there is a bad value, reject it!" and prevents the lambs from getting that way. The Conga Line does not use that server check. It would be unnecessary overhead and make performance dip some. Instead it shows you the invalid offspring, saving the performance/network check. It won't breed true though.

I didn't mention this in the video because most folks have no idea what we are talking about. They don't read the forums and it would have confused the heck out of them. Feel free to point anyone at this note if ya need! Oh, bonus note! I'll give your feedback on getting some Rams that aren't white in the Market. No promises, but you will be heard!
Are the changes to Sheep and Pig Breeding too little too late for you fast-paced Facebook gamers? If so, how do you recommend Zynga handle the situation? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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