Combat in Civilization World is like cards, but with angry soliders on 'em

Civilization World
The more we hear about Civilization World, the more we want those guys working the Large Hadron Collider to discover time travel. Firaxis has just released a blog post covering combat in the upcoming Facebook edition of the seriously huge strategy series. According to the post, combat will be decided in card games. Wait, you mean to say that battles aren't fought on bloody fields and treacherous waters? Well, they are in your imagination, least.

The combat system allows for a set amount of card slots per battle. However, players can stack extra amounts of the same unit on a single slot, whether it be from the calvary, ranged, naval and melee classes. Of course, certain units do well against others and vise versa, but some perform better in certain environments as well, granting them attack bonuses. All of this information is displayed on each unit's card, thankfully.

Units can then attack their opponents heroically or on the defensive. The former increases both damage dealt and taken while the latter decreases both. Each style will have its own use, which you can likely deduce on your own, but what's important is that you build a squad of units with varying skills and stats to be prepared for anything. Not to mention that, like any Civ game, research is the gateway to not only fierce armies but sprawling, beautiful cities. Can you tell that we're excited? Just a little--OK good.

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