CityVille: Show off your Zoo for a chance to win 100 City Cash and exclusive decorations

If your Zoo in CityVille is bursting at the proverbial seams with all sorts of wild animals from lions to tigers (oh my!), you're welcome to enter Zynga's newest contest on the game's forums. The CityVille "Show us your Zoo!" contest asks you to show off that area of your town dedicated to the zoo's habitats and surrounding decorations (whether specific to the zoo or otherwise) for your chance at internet fame, the admiration of your peers, and oh yeah - up to 100 City Cash.

Three players will walk away with prizes, with the grand prize being 100 City Cash and four preselected decorations. These decorations have no special bonus, but are rare in that they aren't available from the game's store (or apparently anywhere else). Finish in second or third place and you may not walk away with the awesome (at least, I'm assuming they're awesome) decorations, but you can win 50 or 25 City Cash, respectively.

Your zoos will be judged on originality, theme and presentation so don't just slop something together. Be creative in your approach and you may be rewarded in the end! Good luck!

Will you enter the Show us your Zoo! contest in CityVille, or have you yet to even build a Zoo in your city due to it taking up so much space? Sound off in the comments.