5 Mistakes Home Sellers Should Never Make

home seller mistakes
home seller mistakes

Trying to sell a home in today's market requires courage, smarts and a fair amount of humble pie-eating. It's a buyers' market, which means sellers are expected to roll over and grovel appreciatively over each showing their agent landed.

Sometimes, whether through ignorance or a last gasp of pride, sellers make one of these critical mistakes that actually worsens their situation. So if you are trying to sell a home, make sure you:

1. Don't move out with your furniture.

Let's say you're no longer dancing to the unemployment blues and finally landed a job that happens to be in another city. You need to sell your house fast and relocate because there's a paycheck with your name on it, but it's 3,000 miles away. By all means, you can move post haste. Just don't take your furniture with you. Nothing sells worse (and by worse, we mean for less money and takes much longer) than an empty house.

Think about all those new developments you have toured. Which of the identical units looked the best? The ones with the furniture in them. Empty houses are cold and depressing. The rooms may look bigger without furniture but they also look soulless. Plus a house recently stripped of wall hangings often screams "paint me" at the top of its lungs.