Have FrontierVille's storage buildings ruined our chance of completing goals?


While at first glance, FrontierVille's newest Orchard and Big Barn storage options seem fantastic, there are a few bugs and issues that have already cropped up relating to their release. For one, it seems that due to a bug (or an oversight on Zynga's part), if you finish the completion of the upgrade to the Big Barn, you are unable to complete the Shower Goals for Captain Flintlock and his soldiers.

For one of Captain Flintlock's goals, you're asked to collect the Daily Bonus from the Barn five times. But what if you upgrade to the Big Barn? Guess what - your bonus collecting doesn't count. It makes sense, as technically you are collecting from a changed building, but in the process, users like myself are now finding themselves at a literal standstill, with the only option being to waste building materials, coins and wood to build a second barn just to collect its daily bonus.

What's more concerning though is what these animal and tree storage buildings are doing to the social aspects of goals - those that require you to visit neighbors' homesteads to tend animals or trees. As an example, in the Big Barn Goal series, you are asked to "Tend 20 Neighbor Apple Trees." I personally found this normally simple task to be an incredibly time consuming one, as traveling from Homestead to Homestead, I found that all of my friends had stored every Apple Tree in their Orchard, and with no way for me to interact with it, I had to move on. It was only after traveling to the Homesteads of friends who have long quit playing the game that I was able to finish.

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