FarmVille: Send Farmhands and Animal Feed as free gifts for a limited time


This Memorial Day, if you're using your day off to catch up on tasks around the farm in FarmVille, there are two animal-related free gifts that you might be interested in. Animal Feed and Farmhands are now available to send to your friends (or for your friends to send back to you), but only for a limited time.

For those new farmers, or those that just need a refresher, Animal Feed is used as bait in the Animal Feed Trough, while Farmhands work to harvest all ready animals (giving you tons of coins in the process) with just one click. Remember, there's no telling when exactly these items will leave the free gifts page, so take advantage and stock up now.

Have you given up on the Animal Trough feature in FarmVille? Do you always have a ready supply of Farmhands in your Gift Box, or have you been waiting for them to reappear to earn some more? Let us know in the comments.