CityVille Bullet Train Goal: Everything you need to know


If you're level 25 or higher in CityVille, you now have access to a new, limited-time-only quest dealing with your town's train system. The quest is called Bullet Train (Zynga refers to it as Choo Choo Charlie, but in game it is labeled as Bullet Train), and it will only be around until the end of the month - May 31 - to complete.

In this quest, you'll need to complete a series of three tasks, which are actually a bit time consuming.

Harvest 75 Watermelon
Send 8 Trains
Ask friends for 20 Palettes

The Palettes are earned through a general news post to your wall, so that 20 requirement might be a bit harder to reach than you initially thought. Meanwhile, Watermelon take four hours to grow. As for the requirement to send trains, remember to send the shortest, five minute train, if you want it to pass by quickly. The reward for finishing this quest is the Cargo Shed, a building that is otherwise available to purchase in the store for 20 City Cash. What's so special about this building? Simple - it adds 1,000 Goods to your maximum capacity! That's actually a great prize!

Remember, this quest is only available to complete for the next few days, so work fast to earn this great reward.

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Have you started working on the Bullet Train quest in your city? What do you think of the quest's prize? Let us know in the comments.