10 Best Countries to Have a Hangover

Whether you call it "going out on the lash," "getting wasted," or "a typical Friday night," getting drunk in a foreign country is a noble pursuit. College students partake when studying abroad and mild-mannered professionals get the chance to let their hair down in the face of strangers who don't speak the same language. But what about the day after?

Whether you call it "going out on the lash," "getting wasted," or "a typical Friday night," getting drunk in a foreign country is a noble pursuit. College students partake when studying abroad and mild-mannered professionals get the chance to let their hair down in the face of strangers who don't speak the same language. But what about the day after?

There is nothing as sobering as a hangover in a foreign land. At home you can turn to creature comforts for tried-and-true cures, but abroad you're faced with unfamiliar breakfast items that could potentially make you feel worse. While you're likely to at least track down something breaded or sweet in most countries, there are certain parts of the world that do comforting hangover-breakfasts particularly well with sunshine, strong coffee, and hair of the dog (should you want it) on offer.

Take Brazil, for example. Sampling Brazilian cachaça can leave its mark with a headache and in need of some tender, loving care. Brazilians often turn to caldinho de feijão, a bean soup, or brigadeiro, a chocolate treat, both capable of taking the pain away.

In Ireland, where drinking is a favorite pastime, hangover cures are plentiful, whether you're partial to a full Irish breakfast or just enjoy a bit of fried toast.

In the United States there are many proven hangover cures that people swear by from cold pizza to a bagel with lox and cream cheese. Drunken brunches, though, are especially loved for their ability to numb the pain with ever more booze. Bellinis, mimosas, and Bloody Marys are endlessly available to go with an order of eggs or pancakes. When in doubt, go with a country that serves strong coffee - like Mexico and Germany - and venture from there. Here's mud in your eye!

10 Countries To Have a Hangover
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10 Best Countries to Have a Hangover (PHOTOS)

The Bahamas are like a cure-all remedy. The laid-back vibe, constant sunshine, and soothing sounds of the ocean can quell any harried traveler while the food prepared each morning is perfectly suited to those suffering from a certain dizzying headache.

Head to a beachfront café for a Jonnycake or a plate of grits. Bahamians often ease into the day with a salty breakfast of fish seasoned with lime and salt over their grits.

They’re also fond of particularly sweet coffee to help wash it all down.

Hungarians can hold their liquor — probably because they know how delicious and fun it will be to recover with friends the next day.

Pubs are the local favorite, but Budapest boasts a string of nightclubs worthy of the next day’s consequences. Hungarian breakfasts often consist of plentiful open-faced sandwiches and strong coffee (sometimes taken with milk). Bacon, salami, sausages, and cold cuts are offered with versions of French toast and hard-boiled eggs available as well.

Hungarian pastries are also powerful remedies with options ranging from fluffo (puff pastry with either fruit or nut fillings) to strudels (puff pastry with fruit fillings and cream) and kifli (dough rolled into a crescent served salty or sweet). 

Brazil is the land of beautiful people and strong drinks, of all-night parties and infectious samba music. Cachaça is a national treasure and traveling to the country will surely mean sampling it. It will make you want to try caldinho de feijão — a dense bean soup widely known as a hangover remedy.

Brazilians also drink mate com leite, which is a strong caffeinated tea with sugar and powdered milk and snack on brigadeiro, which is dark chocolate covered in sprinkles.

Visitors to Brazil should never skip the restorative powers of locally-loved pão de queijo, a cheese roll that’s generally eaten piping hot.

Many imbibers travel to Mexico to sample great tequila straight from the source, making them feel the need for hearty dishes the next day like pozole, a strong broth, or spicy chile rellenos.

There are a number of different ways to drink coffee, whether it’s just black or simmered with cinnamon and sugar. The classic is café con leche (strong coffee with milk) and huevos rancheros.

Nothing saves you from the harrowing depths of a hangover like the breeze of an ocean wind as it accompanies fresh bread, strong coffee, and the offering of freshly caught fish in the early afternoon. There is no better way to pay for a Portuguese night on the town (especially when you moved beyond Port wine early in the evening), than by camping out at a beachfront café for sun and locally made amanteigado, or mouth-watering and creamy Portuguese cheese. If you’re into sweets, try a pastel de nata — a traditional Portuguese custard tart.

If you feel like something more substantial, tuck into an order of bacalhau — delicious Portuguese salted cod.

This country makes getting drunk very fun and very easy. Down a pint of Guinness or order a go-to cocktail, but make sure you go to sleep a bit redder in the face and happy.

In the morning, tuck into an order of fried toast or a traditional Irish breakfast of bangers (Irish sausage), rashers (similar to Canadian bacon), black pudding, and Irish soda bread.

Berlin breakfasts are cheap and huge — hence their inclusion on this list. Cafes roll out all-you-can-eat buffets with German basics like cheese, cold cuts, veggies, rolls, and hard-boiled eggs while some spots offer sekt (sparkling wine). Order a milchkaffee — a Berlin favorite — coffee with milk to help set you straight.

Going out for drinks in the U.S. can mean getting to take advantage of some really delicious (if not always healthful) dishes the next day.

Bagels with lox and cream cheese are a classic choice, as is the much-loved breakfast burrito or sandwich with eggs, bacon, cheese, and a side of hash browns.

Many Americans are fond of opening their refrigerators to find the ultimate cure — cold leftovers like pizza and Chinese food. Even still, there are comfort food options that vary from coast to coast, but that all have the same soothing affect — from fried chicken and waffles to biscuits and gravy and from a slice of pie to grilled cheese sandwiches. A popular fixture on the hangover scene, no matter where you are, is the drunken brunch.

Whether you’ve been sampling the national Guatemalan beer (Cervecería Centro Gallo) or taking in some of the country’s delicious aged rums, like Ron Zacapa Centenario, you’re going to want an order of caldo de pollo — a spicy chicken soup known to cure ails.

If sweets are your preferred hangover remedy, try buñuelos, which is a puffy version of French toast served with hot syrup made from water, sugar, anise, cinnamon, and all-spice.

Guatemala is also known for its street food, which is code for 'hangover cure' in any country. Try mixtas, a hot dog wrapped in tortilla and served with lime-dressed cole slaw and guacamole.

There are few cities around the world as associated with a good time than Amsterdam. What’s better is how good the city is at helping you fight off the consequences.

Hop on a bicycle and find yourself a cup of strong Dutch coffee to go with a breakfast of Dutch pancakes or uitsmijter — three eggs with bread, cheese, and ham or bacon. For the unafraid traveler, we hear that Amsterdam’s Red Light District is home to some delectable and greasy food that’s been known to soothe the weary and hungover.


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