FrontierVille: Finish Big Barn Collection for Animal Harvest Boosts

With the release of the Big Barn in FrontierVille, we've also seen a new collection added to the game. Don't scoff at having yet another set of collectibles to gather, though, as the rewards here are definitely worth the effort. These items, like those in the original Barn collection, can be earned by collecting the Daily Bonus from your Barn / upgraded Big Barn. Here's what to keep a look out for:

Maure Fork
Hoof Pad
Cow Bell

Once you collect all five of these new items, you'll be able to trade them in for one Sawhorse and two Animal Harvest Boosts. Why waste all of your energy growing those Cows, Oxen, Horses and Mules to adulthood so they'll fit in your Big Barn? Just use one or both of these bad boys and you'll be that much closer to the end with all of your energy intact for other things. This is honestly one of the best collection prizes in the game, so make sure to collect the Barn's Daily Bonus everyday to finish it as soon as possible.

What do you think of this Big Barn collection? Will you do everything you can to complete it for the Animal Harvest Boosts? Will you wait until you also have Animal Ready Boosts to use them for maximum progress? Let us know in the comments.