FrontierVille: Big Barn Badges reward you for storing large animals


Want some extra experience points, energy or food in FrontierVille? Have you been working on your Big Barn upgrade? You can combine both of these effort now with the Big Barn Badges that unlock after you complete the upgrade. To complete these four Badges, all you'll need to do is store more and more animals in your completed Big Barn, up to the 200 animal mark.

To start, you'll be required to store certain types of animals, as the first level of the Badge requires you to store one each of Cows, Mules, Oxen, and Horses. After this point, you can store any and all adult animals that you'd like (from the four types mentioned), worrying more about quantity than variety. Here's a full breakdown of these four Badges:

Level 1: Store one cow, horse, oxen, and mule - 100 XP, 100 Food, and 300 coins
Level 2: Store 50 animals - 750 XP and three Dinners
Level 3: Store 100 animals - 1000 XP and 1000 coins
Level 4: Store 200 animals - Aluminum Water Trough, 5000 coins and one 7 Course Feast meal

All in all, this Badge should be fairly easy for most pioneers to complete, so long as you've employed the strategy of "the more the better" when it comes to animals on your Homestead. If not, just keep chugging along, growing these four animals to adulthood, and you'll eventually finish the Badge as a result.

What do you think of these Badges and their rewards? Let us know in the comments.