FarmVille: Users given free GagaVille rewards for goal glitch

Many of you might have been a bit soured by the technical issues that plagued one of FarmVille'sGagaVille goals last week. The problems with the goal - Higher! - were two-fold. For one, when the goal launched in the evening, it had "Visit GagaVille" as a requirement. Many users then simply went about their business, not expecting to have to put in any other work to finish the goal, as they would simply plant their 100 Crystals and Chrome Daisies and be done with it.

Only upon awaking the next morning did we realize that the goal had been changed from visiting GagaVille to collecting five Secret Ingredients. Not only has we lost 12 or so hours that could have been used to finish this goal after it changed, but due to some technical issues, many users could never actually reach the "five" requirement. I know for myself, I sat at having four the entirety of the day, never receiving another, even though I had been asking friends like mad to catch up.

All is not lost, however, as Zynga has decided to reward all users that it has found couldn't complete this goal due to the technical issues. You'll receive a pop-up like the one above, giving you 100 XP and 2,500 coins, along with a Crystal Mushroom. No, we won't receive the Gaga Instant Grow that other users received, but I suppose this is better than nothing.

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Were you able to complete the "Higher!" goal before it expired? What do you think of the rewards that Zynga has offered those affected by technical issues? Let us know in the comments.