Bryan Sisco, Delta Passenger, Causes Flight Diversion Over Bizarre Actions

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To those who have ever wondered how to get banned from an airline take note: Don't flirt with a fellow passenger and pretend to have a canister of poison gas.

That's a lesson Bryan Sisco, a 40-year old from Winston, Georgia, learned the hard way last week on an Atlanta-bound Delta flight, the Memphis Commercial-Appeal reports.

Sisco was waiting at the Dallas airport for a 2-hour delayed flight to Atlanta. Like many air passengers, he headed to the bar.

Sisco told the Memphis paper from his home: "I'm not a big drinker, and I was feeling no pain. I didn't realize that most of the passengers were uptight. They were pretty ticked off about the delay."

When the plane boarded, Sisco headed to seat 20D, sitting next to a a 23-year old girl who claims she was instantly "creeped out" by him.

Sisco, who is getting divorced, decided to hit on the girl, Danielle Valimont.

Valimont told the paper: "He was talking very fast and acted nervous as he introduced himself. I sat down and sent this text: 'I'm sitting beside a crazy man.'"

When the flight attendant came by to tell Sisco he was in the wrong seat, he strangely told the attendant that he and Valimont were newlyweds. Valimont had no time to protest and was stuck chatting with the man who told her he was an architect...and maybe even an air marshal.

"He began to explain he knew everything about everyone on the plane," Valimont wrote on her blog. "He had the roster and he chose to sit by me because I was 'harmless.'"

Valimont wrote on her blog: "He was very crass with his language and called me "B****" and "F*****" in a friendly, joking way–if that's possible...Normally, the "Georgia girl" would've come out in me at that point, but the lack of sleep and awareness of his instability stopped me from provoking him further."

Yet Sisco thought the conversation was going well, telling the paper that they were "talking, sharing M&Ms...having a good time."

And then things got even weirder: Sisco pulled out a butane lighter and sparked it near Valimont's leg. He showed her a large tube--like the ones architects carry for blueprints--and said it was top secret. She started opening the tube and Sisco reportedly said "You can't do that. There's gas in there that will make anyone sleep if you open it."

At this point, Valimont went to the bathroom, where she wrote a note on her iPhone in hopes that a flight attendant might find it:

"If the guy in 20D is a marshal disregard this msg. He has a torch that he lit and showed me. And he said his canister has a gas device that will make everyone on the plane pass out if there is danger. He also has a device that says is like a Taser. I will go sit back down. Do what you need to."

A flight attendant saw the message and pulled Valimont to the front of the plane, where she was privy to plans with the pilot to divert the plane to Memphis.

Sisco told the paper: "I fell asleep and woke up in handcuffs in Memphis with the FBI questioning me. ... I couldn't even feel my thumb, the handcuffs were put on so tight. I spent three days in a county jail and a fourth day in a federal penitentiary. I was stripped buck-naked twice."

Federal agents searched the plane, finding nothing. Passengers were allowed to reboard the flight 2 hours later and continue to Atlanta, but not Sisco. He spent 3 days in a Memphis jail and was freed on a $10,000 bond.

Speaking from his home, Sisco said: "It all came about because of that one comment. That was all it took for that plane to be diverted to Memphis. It was stupid of me. I'm a dumbass."

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