Study: Men spend more on social games than women

Man spending on Facebook
Are men spending the bacon on social games before it even reaches their partner to burn? (Or are men spending the dough before their breadwinner can even get to it?) Either way, something's up. This somewhat surprising finding comes from a study by MocoSpace, a social network for gamers based in Boston, Mass, conducted on their own platform.

So, keep in mind that the numbers behind these demographics are taken from a specific community and don't necessarily speak for social gamers across all platforms. MocoSpace, who studied 1,500 social gamers on their platform, found that men, 53 percent of their player base compared to 47 percent women, outspend women 9 to 1 on social games. But wait, aren't women the majority on social games?

At least on MocoSpace, that's not the case. The study goes on to report 69 percent of men buy virtual goods compared to 31 percent of women. Not to mention that 69 percent of male gamers are responsible for 90 percent of MocoSpace's online transactions. However, men barely spend more time on MocoSpace games--like Street Wars or Stage Hero--than women: just 21 minutes daily on average compared to 18 minutes.

Perhaps that extra three minutes is spent buying stuff, eh? We can't say with 100 percent confidence what this study says about social gamers on the whole, because the study is limited to a single platform. Regardless, it's interesting to see more men becoming engaged in social games at least somewhere. Perhaps the spread between men and women on Facebook games is shrinking as well. Until a study is released regarding that on Facebook games across the board, it's a mere possibility.

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