Military Foreclosure Victims Awarded Settlement

military foreclosure
military foreclosure

Imagine calling home from active duty in Iraq to find that your wife and family have been evicted from their home -- all because your lender overlooked the paperwork. It happened to at least 170 active duty servicemembers over the past few years, some of whom returned from duty with post-traumatic stress disorder and severe paralysis. But with the announcement on Thursday of a $22 million settlement, they gain a measure of justice. Chris Kirkham at The Huffington Post has the full story.

Amid blistering heat and thunderous bombing in central Iraq during Summer 2005, U.S. Army Sgt. James Hurley suddenly found it difficult to reach his wife back home in Michigan.

For four days straight, he called and got a troubling message that the line had been disconnected. Eventually, Hurley tracked her down through his uncle.

"She tells me, 'We got kicked out of the house, we're foreclosed,' " Hurley recalled. "I was so pissed off. If it wasn't for my roommate and my sergeant who was over me, I think I would have gone nuts."