Get an Impossible Dream Internship ... for a Price

dream internship"If I could just get my foot in the door, I know I could make it BIG!" How many times have you heard that? If a budding journalist, for example, could just get someone at Rolling Stone to take a look at their work. Or if a potential music magnate could have a minute of Jay-Z's time?

Whether you're a graduating college student or someone looking to take on a new career, you know that if you only had access to someone who's at the top of their game, fame, fortune and fulfillment would be yours.

Well there actually is a way to reach the top dogs, and make a contribution to charity at the same time. The most amazing internships are posted on CharityBuzz, and they're available to all. The bad news is, you have to outbid others for for these dream internships. The good news is that your winning bid is tax deductible, and goes to support a worthy cause.

It's really quite a clever concept: CharityBuzz has teamed up with celebrities and titans of the professional world to create internship experiences that can last for one week to an entire semester. But bids usually go for between $5,000 and $20,000. The most ever paid was $85,000 for a 12-week internship with Russel Simons and Richard Branson.

That one went to a young marketing executive who, according to CharityBuzz CEO Coppy Holzman, wanted unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access to two of the world's top moguls. The moguls don't keep that money. (No, that's not how they became moguls in the first place.) It goes to a specified charity, and the business titans are willing to participate in the program because it benefits a good cause and cultivates talent at the same time.

Holzman explains that many of the internships are purchased by parents of recent grads who want to give their kids a leg up in the professional world. (Or get them out of the house?) Young professionals who want to change careers also purchase the internships

And they're not all outrageously expensive. When this article was written, you could get a four-week internship at SpeakLike, a cutting edge Internet company for $275. And an eight-week internship with Shopflick in New York City for $250.

Highlights of internships currently available include:
  • ROLLING STONE: A one-month internship at the acclaimed weekly culture magazine in New York City to benefit the Kristen Ann Carr Fund. Get an inside look at the fast-paced world of celebrity media, rock journalism, and political commentary, observe and take part in award-winning magazine journalism and cultural reporting and make invaluable lifetime connections. Bid through June 9.
  • ROC NATION: A one-month internship at Jay-Z's record company in New York to benefit The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Inc. Learn the ins and outs of the recording industry at Roc Nation, a fully functioning entertainment company. The work includes the management of artists, songwriters, producers and engineers; music publishing; touring and merchandising; film and television; new business ventures; and a music label. Bid through June 1.
  • BATH AND BODY WORKS. A two-month internship in brand development at the personal care and fragrance retailer to benefit the Avon Foundation for Women and the Jenesse Center. You will be working side-by-side in New York with Camille McDonald, president of brand merchandising, and her teams in brand development and design. This exciting unpaid internship will provide the intern with exposure to the world of fragrance development, package design and retail strategy. Bid through June 1.
  • TRANSLATION. A one-month internship at the acclaimed brand-marketing firm, plus a private lunch with founder and CEO Steve Stoute in New York to benefit The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Inc.: This experience will allow the recipient to gain exclusive access to the successful advertising agency and other independent projects. Bid through June 1.
  • MAESA GROUP. Spend the summer working in Los Angeles with the product development team at Maesa Group and learn about the home fragrance industry to benefit The Avon Foundation for Women and the Jenessee Center. Interns work closely with the product development team and find out why the environmental fragrance category offers such opportunity and explosive growth. This two-month, unpaid internship will offer the student interaction with fragrance and packaging development experts, innovation and research and development departments and a close-up look at sales and manufacturing. Bid through June 1.
  • NEIL BERG (Broadway composer): Learn what goes into developing a Broadway show when you intern for Broadway composer and producer, Neil Berg, to benefit Covenant House. The intern will be present for three days of rehearsal and set up on June 24, 25 and 26, and for two shows on June 27 in Nyack, N.Y. as he gets his new musical "The 12" ready for live performance. It offers the opportunity to gain insight from the composer (Neil Berg) and sit in on all production meetings, as these performances are being staged for development purposes and to obtain investors in the project. Bid through June 14.
  • LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL: Experience the world of Niche Media LLC with this two-week internship position with Los Angeles Confidential magazine, to benefit the 18th Annual Race to Erase MS. The intern may choose to work in either the events and marketing or the editorial departments, both of which offer preparation for a future career. Bid through June 2.
  • SPEAKLIKE: A four-week marketing internship at SpeakLike, a cutting-edge Internet company in New York's Silicon Alley to benefit The Douglas Watt Family Fund for the Performing Arts. SpeakLike is a pioneer in providing on-demand human translation using their proprietary software. Bid through June 14.

Check the CharityBuzz website for more new internship and other professional experiences, like a day at the Wall Street Journal with Alan Murray, a pitch meeting with famed HBO program director Shelia Nevins, a day at the New York Stock Exchange, and a power lunch at Michael's with Kerry Kennedy. Be aware that new auctions open and close every day.

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