FrontierVille Upgrade to the Big Barn: Everything you need to know

A few days ago, we gave you a sneak peek at some (then) unreleased goals in FrontierVille concerning the Big Barn. At the time, it was unknown whether or not this Big Barn would be an entirely new building or simply an upgrade to the original Barn, but it turns out that the latter is true. If you've got a fully built Barn on your land, you can now upgrade it to store Mules, Oxen, Cows, and Horses, freeing up tons of space on your land, and allowing you to feed animals in mass quantities that much easier.

To start the upgrade, just click on your Barn and click on Upgrade on the drop-down menu that appears. You'll need to pay 2,500 coins to start the upgrading process, and will then have to collect additional building materials to complete the transformation. Your Barn will change appearance through this upgrade, so if you don't care about the extra animal storage, you're more than free to ignore it entirely.

Meet us behind the break to see which ingredients you'll need to finish the Big Barn upgrade.

Anytime you'd like to continue working on the Big Barn upgrade, simply click on your Barn and click Complete Upgrade. From there, you'll be back in your comfort zone, with a menu of six items that must be earned or purchased with Horseshoes to finish the upgrade. Luckily, two of these items - the Bricks and Paint Buckets - are long-released items in the game, so you very well may have all of the units that you need without having to put out extra effort.

For the other items, you'll need to collect 15 each of Calf Blankets and Oak Beams, along with 10 each of Stable Stalls and Silos. The Silos and Stable Stalls are earned through general wall posts, while the Calf Blankets and Oak Beams are individual gift request items.

Once you finish upgrading your Barn to the Big Barn, you'll be able to store adult Cows, Oxen, Horses and Mules, and will be given the opportunity to receive rare animals like Jersey Cows, Red Oxen and White Mules when you collect the building's Daily Bonus. In the future, if a quest asks you to feed a specific animal, or sell a specific adult animal, you can do so by heading into the Big Barn's menu and choosing which specific kind of animal you'd like to feed or sell.

The Big Barn should be available on all users' Homesteads as of this writing, so jump into the game and start working your way to more free space on your land!

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Have you already started upgrading your Barn in FrontierVille? Have you been saving up Cows and Oxen in the hopes that a building like this would be released? Sound off in the comments.
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