FrontierVille: Take advantage of deep store discounts in Memorial Day sale


Leave it to Zynga to celebrate a holiday with a sale - that's just the case in FrontierVille this Memorial Day weekend, as you can now purchase a set of new Memorial Day decorations from the store, along with stocking up on Horseshoe items that have been discounted in price. Some of these discounts are fairly small, like the discount on Thorns, which takes off just one Horseshoe, but others are quite substantial - see the Jungle Gym decoration that used to cost 250 Horseshoes, but now sells for 95.

If you're not in the mood for a sale, you can now pick up four new Memorial Day-themed decorations from the specials tab in the store. There's an Uncle Sam Statue for 40 Horseshoes, a Soldier Statue, also for 40 Horseshoes, along with a Memorial Picnic and Memorial Flowers that both cost 10 Horseshoes each. You can see all of those items in the pop-up above.

For a complete look at the sale items and their prices, meet us behind the break.