FarmVille Pig Pen / Pig Breeding Goals: Everything you need to know


Tonight's FarmVille update brought with it a three part goal series surrounding all things Pig - from the simple Pig Pen to Pig Breeding. Goal one is called "To Catch a Piglet," and is incredibly simple to complete:

Complete your Pig Pen
Visit 5 Neighbors
Plant an Apple Tree

Luckily, you don't have to actually do anything once you get to your neighbors' farms, so just visit five low-level players (as their farms will load faster) and move on. The Apple Tree can be purchased from the store for just 325 coins from the market. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive an Orange Tiger Boar, 200 XP and 1,500 coins. Excuse me for a moment while I squeal over how cute this little fella is.

Meet us behind the break for how to complete the next two goals in this series.