FarmVille Irish Trees: Chinese Strawberry & Irish Strawberry trees


In an unusual Friday night update, we've seen the launch of the Ireland limited edition item theme in FarmVille. With this update comes two new trees: a Chinese Strawberry tree and an Irish Strawberry tree. The Irish Strawberry is, of course, the level one tree here, costing 5 Farm Cash. You'll be able to spawn the Chinese Strawberry tree either through Mystery Seedlings earned in your own Orchards, or by claiming those posted by friends. You can also purchase a single tree from the market for 10 Farm Cash.

It's presumed that these items launched so early due to the upcoming holiday weekend for Memorial Day. If you know you won't be able to play the game over the weekend, you don't even have to worry about these items expiring early, as we've been given three extra days to compensate for their early release, giving these trees a 17 day time limit in the store. Just remember to play the game at some point in the future so that you don't forget about them entirely and allow them to expire before adding them to your farm.

What do you think of these new Ireland-themed trees? What other sorts of trees do you hope launch in this theme as well? Let us know in the comments.

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