FarmVille Irish Animals: Kerry Cow and Irish Hunter Horse


Forget the normal Sunday evening updates - tonight marks an unusual (but appreciated) Friday night update in FarmVille, as the team is allowing players a chance to purchase new items in advance of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, if they won't be around the computer during that time. Two (technically four) new animals have been added to the game in a new Ireland limited edition theme, with these animals being the Kerry Cow and Irish Hunter Horse.

The Kerry Cow costs 22 Farm Cash, while the Horse costs more at 26 Farm Cash. Of course, with either of these animals you have a chance to breed them, with the Kerry Cow giving off an adorable Kerry Calf, and the Irish Hunter Foal coming from an adult horse. You'll have 17 days to add either of these animals to your farm (the three extra days are also a nice holiday-based touch), so just remember to check out the store once you're back in the swing of things so you don't forget they exist.

What do you think of these Irish animals? What other Irish animals should Zynga add to the game? Should we see a return of some of the St. Patrick's Day items, or are these realistic animals enough? Let us know in the comments.

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