FarmVille: Double Mastery on now through Memorial Day


If you're a fan of mastering crops or trees in FarmVille, make sure to login every day this weekend, as Zynga has launched another Double Mastery event in honor of the Memorial Day holiday (ok, more so the fact that many of you have Monday off and can take advantage of this event). This event, like all of the others, will allow you to earn double the mastery points for every individual tree and crop harvested on your land.

Play your virtual seeds right, and you could actually earn three mastery points per crop, if you also activate a Bushel. For tree farmers, this would be the perfect time to undertake the tree rotation strategy in your game, moving trees from one Orchard to the next, earning twice as many points as normal while you can!

The Double Mastery event will run through Monday evening at 9:00 PM PST, or midnight Eastern time. You've got plenty of time to master at least one crop, or a couple of trees, so start now to make the most of this event before it ends!

Have you been saving any Instant Grows for a Double Mastery event? How about crops that take four-day to grow? Are there any specific trees you'll work on this weekend? Let us know in the comments.