CityVille: The Ultimate Money Making Guide, according to Edgar

CityVille Money Making Guide
If you've been playing CityVille since launch. you probably already have all the money you need. However, the average player (or those without that kind of time, like myself) could use a few pointers. Worry not, for Zynga--er, Edgar I mean--is here to help. CityVille's resident millionaire has left a few of his ultimate tips on the CityVille blog, and we're here to share them. The beauty of teamwork (with fictional characters).

  • CityVille EdgarFranchise Franchise Franchises! Build them in your Neighbors' Cities and invite your friends to place some in your City too! No one ever said it was a crime to capitalize on your friendships! Click HERE to learn more about Franchises!
  • Upgrade the Bakery and the Noodle Shop. Make some extra dough, save some space and change the look of these businesses! Sounds like a great opportunity to me.
  • Supply your Businesses with goods daily! Always keep some extra supplies on hand for a rainy day too; both premium and regular goods. Don't be afraid to stock up!
  • Choose your Businesses wisely. Build businesses that work for your personal schedule as well as the population in your town.
  • Decorate the front of your businesses! Did you know that you can increase your payout by adding decorations around each of your businesses? Decorations are a great investment and they are very worth it! Keep your eyes out for those BIG bonuses.
  • Complete your quests! Many of them unlock and reward businesses that are not available any other way. Don't forget to catch those bandits too. When you catch many of them they reward you with exclusive businesses. Click HERE to learn more about Cops and Bandits Feature.
  • Expanding is a wise decision. The more land you have the more businesses you can place.
  • The best business in my opinion is the Tower Eats. That big guy has a strong payout. Plus, who wouldn't want to dine at the top of that puppy?

Much of the tips are general, but do offer a few insider tips to guide your progress. In Edgar's opinion, the best way to make money is to make a few Tower Eats and decorate them out the wazoo. Or was that our tip? Oh well, just follow Edgar's steps (and ours), and you'll see the cash flow in soon enough.

[Image Credit: SkyBlue RPG]

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Are any of these tips helpful to you in the money department? What tips can you add to the discussion? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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