Air France Crash: Plane Plunged into Ocean In Minutes

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The Air France jet that crashed into the Atlantic in 2009 fell in three and a half minutes, according to a just released French report.

France's air accident investigations bureau (BEA) found that, in less than one minute, the crew were facing two different speed readings.

It was revealed earlier this week that pilot error was the likely source of blame in the accident that killed all 228 people on board.

Before the flight's final minutes, the captain was taking a routine rest, leaving two co-pilots to man the plane. The pilot was summoned back to help and he was back in the cockpit 2 minutes and 48 seconds before the crash, the BEA found.

These findings were released in response to media speculation over finding the flight recorders.
Yet the online statement, released by France's air accident investigations bureau, revealed that cabin crew were "in accordance with the operator's procedures."

The Air France flight, number 447, crashed en route from Rio to Paris on June 1, 2009.

Earlier this month, a body was pulled from the wreckage still attached to the plane's seat. Fifty bodies were discovered in the initial search effort in June 2009. And, in quick succession, the flight's two black box recorders were located in early May, roughly 13,000 feet below the surface.

Black Box Reveals New Details from Air France Flight 447
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