10 Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Tips for Improving Your Gas Mileage
Tips for Improving Your Gas Mileage

With a gallon of gas approaching -- or even exceeding, depending on your brand -- the cost of a six-pack, millions of Americans are rethinking their travel plans for Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of summer and driving season.

Recent projections from AAA show that approximately 31 million people plan to hit the road for this Memorial Day weekend. But 40% of these travelers, or almost 12.5 million people, said $4-a-gallon gas will curtail their travel plans, according to the advocacy group Consumer Federation of America.

To help consumers get the most mileage for their money, the CFA has published 10 gas-saving tips from Jack Gillis, the group's director of public affairs and author of The Car Book.