The Simpsons and SimCity: Rumors say EA's bringing both to Facebook

Will it have Tomacco? Please tell me it will have Tomacco. EA has revealed that it's working on a Simpsons Facebook game, set to release this September, MCV reports. Details on the game are scarce, but the site presumes that Playfish is working on it. MCV also found out that the veteran publisher will release a SimCity game as well, which we imagine Playfish is handling too. When EA mentioned that it would ramp up its efforts on Facebook recently, it certainly wasn't joking

While SimCity will more than likely become a direct competitor to Zynga's CityVille, the possibilities for what a Simpsons Facebook game would are nearly endless. Our wildest dreams guess is that it will be a social version of the classic arcade game you fed hundreds of quarters into at the local rollerskating rink. Come on, there's no way we were the only ones.

[Image Credit: Watch Mojo]

How do you think EA will handle the Simpsons Facebook game? Which are you more excited about: The Simpsons or SimCity on Facebook? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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