Pharmacist Foils Robbery at Walgreens, Gets Fired

If an employee at your store foiled a robbery and saved the lives of customers and workers alike by firing a concealed weapon he was licensed to carry, would you:

A. Promote him and give him a raise.

B. Honor him as a hero and give him a bonus.

C. Unceremoniously fire him.

A Walgreens in Benton Township, Mich., chose 'C' recently, by letting night-shift pharmacist Jeremy Hoven go for firing a handgun during an armed robbery, causing masked gunmen to flee.

The Herald-Palladium reports that when Hoven saw a robber waving a gun running down the aisle towards him, he first tried to call 911, but there wasn't enough time. Before he knew it, the robber had jumped over the counter and was pointing a 9mm pistol at him, holding it gangster-style.

At that point, Hoven pulled out his own concealed gun and fired three to four shots -- whether or not he made contact has not been reported, but Hoven says the gunman tried to fire back, and his gun failed. At that point, he and another robber fled the store.

Hoven reports that he is not aware of any official Walgreens' policy prohibiting employees from carrying concealed firearms at work. And after reviewing the security video footage, law enforcement authorities note that Hoven appears to have done nothing illegal. Meanwhile, Hoven's attorney is investigating the possibility of filing a wrongful termination lawsuit.

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