FarmVille: Green Spots Boar and Yellow Spots Boar now available for Pig Breeding


In celebration of the changes currently rolling out in FarmVille's Pig Breeding feature, Zynga has released an unusual afternoon update to the market, which sees two new Boars added to the animals tab. You can now purchase either the Green Spots Boar or the Yellow Spots Boar for 30 Farm Cash. Oddly, the names of these creatures only tell half of the story, as your Green Spots Boar is actually predominately orange, and the Yellow Spots Boar is practically entirely purple (not that I'm complaining - just look at how cute they are!).

Both of these Boars will allow you to breed similar looking Piglets, and you have even more incentive to do so now, as you'll soon be able to earn points for each Piglet bred and kept on your farm. Remember, even if you happen to receive a rather nasty looking Piglet, you'll also be able to trade that "dud" in for Love Potions - not a bad deal.

Are these Boars worth 30 Farm Cash? You tell us - will you purchase of these for your farm, or are you more of a Sheep Breeder? Let us know in the comments.