FarmVille GagaVille Carry It On Goal: Everything you need to know


Tonight marks the release of the 10th and final GagaVille goal in FarmVille. This final quest is called Carry it On, and it asks you to "embrace the music" and help Lady Gaga's influence carry on into the future by completing three tasks:

Get 5 Microphones
Plant 100 Electric Roses
Fertilize plots on neighbors' farms 10 Times

The Microphones are earned through individual gift requests that you'll send to friends. If you can finish this goal within the next 24 hours (that is, before it expires), you'll receive the Crystal Lake, 100 XP and 2,500 coins. This isn't to be confused with the Giant Crystal Lake already available in the store, as this is a much less interesting item (in my opinion). I only wish we could trade it for the one in the store!

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Are you sad that this is (apparently) the last goal in the GagaVille series? What items from the GagaVille farm do you wish had been made available as prizes? Sound off in the comments.