FarmVille: Breed or adopt pigs to receive points and unlock new patterns


A huge update has been added to the Pig Pen and Pig Breeding feature in FarmVille. It's not a huge update in terms of changing how you breed pigs, as that has remained the same; rather, this upgrade adds a point system to the feature. As you breed pigs, or even adopt pigs from friends, you'll receive points. As you level yourself up as a "Pig Breeder," you'll unlock new patterns that could potentially be passed down to piglets. I guess now we know why all of those awesome patterns were recently added to the game.

Right now, it seems like there are just two ways to earn points: either by successfully breeding a Boar and Sow and raising a Piglet, or by sharing a Piglet with friends and having that Piglet adopted. While you might feel tempted to immediately start breeding your pigs, know that this feature is slowly rolling out to users, so you won't want to waste your Love Potions until you know you'll actually earn points.

Meet us behind the break to see what new patterns are available and to see just how much breeding you'll have to do to earn them.