FarmVille Animals: Bedazzled Horse, Fame Pig, Spots and Stars Rams

Tonight's FarmVille update sees animals being released in two different themes. There are two animals in the current GagaVille theme, along with two other animals for Sheep Breeders that technically come in the English Countryside theme, but can be placed on both farms. For the Lady Gaga animals, you have the Bedazzled Horse for 26 Farm Cash and the Fame Pig for 18 Farm Cash. If you purchase the Bedazzled Horse, remember that you have a chance to breed it for the Bedazzled Foal in your Horse Stable. Meanwhile, the Fame Pig can just look cute with her purple hair and red platform heels.

If you're into something a little more functional, or at least calm, you can now pick up the Yellow Stars Ram or the Green Dots Ram for 30 Farm Cash each. These two Rams offer you the ability to breed Lambs with either the star or dot pattern, so I can definitely see the draw with these two (aside from the fact that they're both pretty cute on their own).

All four of these animals will only be around for the next two weeks (as least in the store). Make a note of that Sheep Breeders - you've been given more time in the past to decide to purchase animals, but your time has been cut shorter with these two.

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What do you think of this Bedazzled Horse? Is it your favorite Gaga animal released so far? What about the two patterns on these Rams? Will you add these patterns to your Sheep Breeding catalog, or will you save your Farm Cash for something else? Sound off in the comments.
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