Does Facebook's PayPal option for game developers mean more games?

Facebook Credits
Facebook Credits

This whole Facebook Credits change looks like it'll be a drag either way, but at least the network is making it easier for game developers to hop on board. Facebook announced today on its blog that developers can sign up for PayPal as a payment when creating their social games. According to the blog post, this will make international developers' lives much easier in signing up for Facebook Credits, which will be mandatory come this July.

"This should be good news for developers in 22 countries, including Turkey, India and Japan, who previously had to supply additional credentials to authorize payouts to their bank account, or who were not able to use Facebook Credits at all," blogger Loren Cheng writes. "By adding PayPal as a payout option, we have doubled the number of countries where developers can get started with Facebook Credits immediately."

Of course, this means diddly squat to us lowly gamers--or does it? The more developers that can get onto Facebook, the more games that will be made available for us social gamers, no? It may be a bit of a stretch, but this also means there will be more potential competitors to Zynga, EA and the like, making for a fresher social games community. Besides, isn't it time we get a bit more international flavor in our social games?

Do you think more international developers will be interested in Facebook thanks to this change? Are you looking for more variety in your Facebook games, and could this be what brings that to the table? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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