CityVille: Upgrade your Noodle Shop, or buy one if you haven't already


Zynga has added the ability to upgrade your Noodle Shop in CityVille. This Noodle Shop, if you're remember, was unlocked to users that finished the Lunar New Year goal back in February. But what if you never completed that goal? Do you still have to pay the 15 City Cash to unlock access to it? The answer is a resounding "NO" (thank goodness), as Zynga has unlocked access to the building for all users, regardless of whether or not they finished the Lunar New Year Goal, or, for that matter, if they weren't even playing the game back then.

While the Noodle Shop may seem like a weird follow up to the Bakery upgrades (ok, it doesn't just seem weird, it is weird), the process works in the same way. Each time you collect and supply your Noodle Shop (the basic Noodle Shop requires 90 Goods), you'll earn a point. When you reach 125 points, the Noodle Shop will hit level two, where it will then require 120 Good to open and will earn 600 coins in profit (more than the default 405 coins). To speed up the process, you can ask your friends to help you, with each friend adding five points to the upgrade process.