Plank'd: Digital planking is more fun (and way safer) than the real deal

Honestly, how fun could laying flat on random surfaces (and taking pictures of it) be? Planking has taken the world by storm as the newest runaway fad, and already a game inspired by the Australian phenomenon has been created. Plank'd, developed by N3V Games using the Unity Player, actually makes for an entertaining way to lose an hour of your life kill some time. Once you get a grip on the game's quirky controls and physics, you'll be stringing epic planks together in no time.

While flipping around a vertically sprawling cityscape in a Rigamortis-like position turns out to be a blast, the main draw of Plank'd is its nostalgic 8-bit-inspired visuals and thumping, catchy techno beat. To flip around and balance yourself on anything from traffic lights to giant clocks and innocent grannies, you'll have to use the W,A and D keys. Admittedly, the game requires quite a bit of dexterity, but give the game some time and you should plank the sun in no time at all. (Yes, you can, in fact, plank the sun.)

Plank'd granny plank
You'll be scored on your ability to string planks together, and if you score high enough you're free to post to the leader boards. However, the lowest ranking is 64,900, so you'll have a long ways to go before you reach the home page. Until then, just keep planking to that beat--just remember to come back from your lunch break this time.

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Have you played Plank'd before or seen someone in the act of planking? Is planking just another fad or is it here to stay? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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