Orlando vs. New York: Which City is the Tourism King? (POLL)

Tia Elaine/Flickr

Orlando has dethroned New York city as the most-visited destination in the U.S. Nearly 51.5 million people visited Orlando in 2010, the city's tourism board has just announced, beating a preliminary February total of 49.8 million.

With the news, the home of Walt Disney World has knocked New York City, with 48.7 million visitors in 2010, out of the top spot and makes it the first place to host 50 million tourists-ahead of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's promise that his city would be first to reach the milestone.

But the newly released figures have New York's tourism czar George Fertitta gently questioning the numbers at a press conference, reports The New York Times: "They're saying that they grew by 10 percent, which seems extraordinary. If it's accurate, God bless them."

Fertitta also added that Walt Disney World, Orlando's biggest draw, is 25 miles south of the city proper. "That's almost like us counting pilgrims to Woodstock in New York City's total," the Telegraph quoted Fertitta saying.

Would Orlando have nearly the number of tourists it draws without the mouse power? Universal Orlando Resort, including the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and SeaWorld are two major draws that aren't operated by Disney, but would they have opened had Walt not paved the way?

New York City meanwhile is on track to break the 50 million mark this year, Fertitta insists, downplaying any major rivalry with Orlando. Still the question persists...

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