One-Third of Airplane Accidents Occur on the Ground

One-Third of Airplane Accidents Occur on the Ground

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Almost one-third of airplane accidents that occur worldwide happen on the ground, reports the International Civil Aviation Organization.

But, though the number of accidents reached a record low in 2010, the International Air Transportation Association has forecast traffic will rise by 70% within a decade, which could change that trend.

"The trend is worrisome because the rate of accidents is flat, but the (air traffic) growth is increasing, so when you take those two things together, you're going to get increased accidents," said ICAO director of air navigation Nancy Graham, according to The Age.

In the 13 years between 1995 and 2008, there were 1,429 airline accidents around the world. 431 (or about 30%) of those occurred during takeoff or landing. Poor runway design and pilot error are to blame for these incidents.

The ICAO also cited factors like airport design and construction, air traffic control, air traffic management systems, airline operations, flight crew awareness and communications as problems.

After the ICAO and IATA released new runway operation safety guidelines in 2009, the number of crashes began to drop.

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