Nival to bring social strategy game King's Bounty: Legions to Facebook this summer

Russian PC game developer Nival has announced today that they will be bringing the first ever social installment in the King's Bounty series - King's Bounty: Legions - to Facebook sometime this summer. Widely considered to be the predecessor of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, Nival hopes to capitalize on the franchise's existing fan base, along with introducing the brand to the unfamiliar. Taking the turn-based strategy gameplay that the series is known for and adding a social twist, King's Bounty: Legions will present players with an in-depth storyline spread across 40 initial gameplay levels.

Gameplay sees users primarily taking part in strategic, turn-based battles on a honeycomb grid, while completing quests along the way. You'll be able to manage your armies by hiring additional troops, and will be able to choose from multiple forms of combat based on your tastes. You can enter into PvP combat, taking the fight to your Facebook friends, or PvE battles, which see you fighting against intelligent AI armies. Regardless of the battle you enter, you'll need to use strategy to win, so I'd expect a fairly in-depth user interface and tons of gameplay customization options to accompany the game's release.

For the first time in the series' history, this installment will see additional gameplay and content added on what appears to be a regular basis, to fit in with (what are now) social gaming standards. While the 40 initial levels will keep players busy in the short term, Nival already has plans to release regular game updates that will include access to new troop types, creatures, maps and quests. It's unknown right now as to whether or not those updates will be for free, or will require the use of premium currency, but we do know that King's Bounty: Legions will support the purchase of in-game items.

King's Bounty: Legions
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Nival to bring social strategy game King's Bounty: Legions to Facebook this summer

Beta testing for the game will begin this summer, with the game then being released on the iOS and Android platforms at a later date. With more and more developers hoping to reel in the "hardcore" gamer, while still catering to the predominantly casual Facebook audience, we'll make sure to let you know how this one stacks up upon release.

Are you a King's Bounty fan, or do you prefer the Heroes of Might and Magic series? If you're new to both games, what do you think about the idea of turn-based combat against your Facebook friends? Do you think there's room on Facebook for hardcore game experiences normally only found on consoles, or can every genre coexist on the platform? Sound off in the comments.
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