Most Americans Think Obama Is Not Doing Enough for Jobs

The majority of Americans don't believe Obama is doing his jobs when it comes to jobs, according to a recent Harris poll. Almost seven in 10 U.S. adults (68 percent) give him negative ratings when it comes to the economy, and only three in 10 (30%) expect the job market to be better over the next six months.

Although the President's ratings improved after Osama Bin Laden was killed, jobs and the economy remain as top concerns for Americans. The overall sense is that the economy is bad, with three in five Americans (59 percent) saying the economic conditions in their region of the country are bad, about one-quarter (23 percent) saying they are neither good nor bad, and fewer than one in five (18 percent) saying they are good.

While hardly great, the responses show more optimism than was seen at the height of the economic crisis when, in January 2009, almost three-quarters of Americans (72 percent) said the economic conditions of their region were bad.

Speaking about the job market specifically, Americans still rate it as bad overall, but this is the "best" that feelings toward employment have been since 2008. Currently, three in five U.S. adults (61 percent) say the current job market in their region of the nation is bad, while almost one-quarter (23 percent) say it is neither good nor bad, and only 16 percent say it is good.

Overall, attitudes on jobs and the economy have been holding steady for a while now, but they have been holding steady in a negative light. Improvements have been occurring, but they have been subtle, and will have to accelerate substantially in order for the American worker to have a positive outlook again.

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